Fraternal Charity

Fraternal Charity

Father Placid comments on the requirements of fraternal charity for monks: “Chapter 72 of the Rule of St. Benedict contains the interesting verse: "The brothers should…most patiently endure one another's infirmities, whether of body or of character" (RB 72:6).  The Latin of this verse is even more emphatic when translated literally: The brothers are to carry most patiently one another's sicknesses of body and behavior. Good zeal, from this perspective, then, is sharing in the foibles, behavioral dysfunctions, and troubles of the other person. It might already be challenging just to bear someone else’s inclinations that grate on the nerves. But to CARRY (not just tolerate) severe maladaptations is another level of charity altogether. The monks are concerned about lending support to the other brother when the need arises, even if the brother involved may not realize the need for assistance. Yet, it is what Benedict asks of the monks and what is required of the brothers in order to go the extra mile every day.”

Love and Blessings to all,

Your brothers of New Clairvaux

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Cistercian monastic life gives primary place of chanting the Opus Dei or Divine Office in community as well as personal time spent in sacred reading which fulfill the monk's sacred duty of seeking God.


Cistercian monastic life allows rooms for guests because all guests are to be received as Christ.  We never know if we have entertained angels.

Life in Common

Cistercian monastic life is communal:  We share all things in common as did the early Christian community so as to live in greater charity and union with Christ.