A Message of Importance

A Message of Importance

A message of Importance from Br. Christopher: “Do not put a limit on the importance of each little act, each little prayer.  We have the temptation to succumb to a human way of thinking about prayer: that a little cause equals a little effect.  However in prayer this is not true.  The effect is measured rather by the One we pray to: Unlimited Grace!  Each little prayer is like putting a little hole in a dam, but behind the dam is the full power of the overflowing ocean of grace that will burst through!  

Just to offer the briefest benediction toward someone passing by, even just an interior “God bless him/her!” unleashes graces we cannot fathom or follow.  Please, be generous with little prayers this Lent, let them fly like holy arrows of goodness at every turn!  Every prayer, every turning to God, fuels the renewal of the world.    

Wishing you all blessing and grace,

Your brothers of New Clairvaux

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